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This series shows our favorite charaters, in a dream like state. What is their dream. Who are they dreaming about?



Tanslucent, Pearlesent and Screen Print Details


*For Updates on this pin and all other disney_kriss Presales please Follow @disney_kriss_fantasy_updates 


**There are a limited amount of presales and the system can glitch if too many people are trying to purcahse at one time. It can have up to a three second delay from the time the pin has sold out to no longer allowing purchases. If this happens and your purchase falls in that gap we will refund you in full. Thank you in advanced for your understanding. 


***We view the manufacturing process as a constant creative process. As we are collaborating with the manufactures and artists there may be changes made. We do not guarantee that the pins will look exactly like the art as we like to like the physical pin develop throughout the process. We take the creative process the manufacturing very serious and like to try lots of different approaches to each individual pin. 


****This pin is already in production, but like all other presales please allow 3-6 months for production without any major manufacturing issues (Please Note production can take up to 12 months if there are manufacturing issues.) 


***** Please be aware that all pins are handmade and may show small variations

Rapunzel Just Dream Series Presale

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