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We Are the
Disney_Kriss Family 

@disney_kriss it’s “Disney Magic All Day Everyday” … we are a one-stop-shop for connecting the Disney Pin loving community together through Live Sale, Inspiring Social content, Pin Creation, and Family Friendly podcasts.


For us it all started with a Disney family vacation and a pin; this experience was fueled for two decades by laughter, great memories, and the joy associated with trading and the putting together many amazing Disney pin collections. 


Our story is not that much different than most in this amazing community, we found Disney pin trading and collecting brough us joy and allowed us to memorialize and cement great memories. It was a way to turn strangers into friends and friends into extended family member.

@disney_kriss is an extension of the love and gratitude we have for and to all the people who have been a part and will continue to be a part of this incredible journey. From trading our first pin, to gathering specific collections which inspired and brough joy, to now creating and re-homing pins on a weekly basis we strive to inhabit the mantra “Disney Magic All Day Everyday”


The entire family; DisneyKriss, DisneyKriss’ Mom, A-Aron, Disneydad and our Princess Anna (the four legged kind) want you to join us along our journey and be an active participant so plugin and stay connected … POW POW

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