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Instagram FAQ's

- Where can I find you on Instagram? 

  • This is a great question and something that can be a little confusing at times, so let me break it down for you! 

  • Our main account is @disney_kriss. This is where we post daily, host lives shows, do the majority of the communicating with our pin family, and host giveaways. Please note- This account is used by all family members and not just Kriss. 

  • @coffee_with_disneydad- This is our invoice account. The morning after our live shows you will get an invoice from this account. When we ship you will also receive tracking. This is the best account to message with questions about tracking, shipping, payment, or concerns. This account is monitored by A-Aron, Disney Mom, and Disney Dad. 

  • @Club.Kriss- This is the account we host all our presales and shop opens! If you like fantasy pins, give us a follow! 

  • @Disney_Kriss_Fantasy_Update is our fantasy pin production update page. Every single picture we get from our manufacturers is posted on this page. Please follow if you are involved with any type of resale.

  • @Dkriss_games- This is one of our newest accounts where we will be offering lots of fun games and hangs! Give us a follow and join the fun!

  •  @Disney_Kriss_Mom- is mom's account. She uses this to chat with designers and all of our pins friends. Feel free to message her anytime to chat and catch up :) 

  • @Disney_A_A_Ron is Aaron page filled with some fandom fun! 

  • @DKrissApparel- COMING SOON Spring 2023!

Live Sale FAQ's

What is a live show? 

  • A Disney_Kriss live show is found on our Instagram @disney_kirss. We go LIVE for two days every other week with our pin inventory for purchase. During a live pin show, we show the pins one by one allowing the opportunity for purchase. 

How do I claim a pin? 

  • While watching the live show, if you happen to see a pin that you like comment “sold” and the letter or number assigned to the pin in the comment box. 

  • * Helpful hint: sometimes it is helpful to include an emoji and best to switch it up each time you comment. 

What if I can’t see the pin clearly? 

  • If you are interested in a pin but can’t see it clearly you may always ask for a close-up of the pin by typing “CU” or “Close Up” and the letter/number assigned the pin in question in the comment box. 

Does Close Up secure me the pin? 

  • No- in our live sales sold ALWAYS trumps close-ups or questions. For example, if you say “close up on C” and someone comments “Sold C” right after you they will get the pin.

What if I change my mind during or after a live sale? Can I put back the pins I claimed? 

  • No- we do not allow put-backs during or after the show. This is not fair to anyone else that might have wanted that pin. 

When are your live shows? 

  • Monday Nights 6pm CT and Tuesday Nights at 7pm CT every other week. Please keep your notifications on for our @disney_kriss account to stay up to date on live sale schedules and previews as our schedule does change periodically. 

What if I see something in a Glimpse posted on facebook or instagram that I really want? Can I claim it before the show? 

  • No, only if noted on the picture are you able to claim before the live show. This is only to make things fair for all viewers. 

Why do I see my comments first on my feed but someone else got the pin? 

  • This is an excellent question and I wish Instagram had a better system for this. Unfortunately, you will almost always be first on your feed and almost everyone’s feed is different. We go by one feed during all disney_kriss live shows in hopes to make things as fair as possible. If you feel that things were seen incorrectly, you can always ask and we are happy to go back and double-check. 

Is it safe for my entire family to watch your lives? 

  • Yes, we work hard and encourage only family-friendly content and language. 

How do I find out my total? 

  • The morning after our show, Disney Dad sends our all invoices from the account @coffee.with.disneydad. This will have your total and a picture of all the pins you purchased. If you are new to our lives be sure to give us a follow and send us a message so we can easily find you when sending your invoice. 

How and When do I pay? 

  • You will receive your invoice Wednesday morning after the live show and we ask that all payments are made within 24 hours of receiving your invoice. We take payments through PayPal or Venmo:

Do you offer payment plans? 

  • Yes! If you spend $200 or more during Our Live sale you qualify for our Payment Plans. For this we as for 50% payment within 24 hours of receiving your invoice and the remaining balance within 2 weeks. 

How much Is shipping? 

  • Shipping anywhere in the US is $6 for unlimited pins unless noted during the live sale. 

  • Shipping to Canada is $15 for up to 1lb all other weight varies in price.

  • All other worldwide shipping is available and is $18 for up to 8 oz. All other weights vary. 

Fantasy Pin FAQ's 

What are fantasy pins? 

  • Fantasy pins are fan-made pins having to do with various fandoms. 

What is a presale? 

  • A presale is the sale of a pin before it is put into production. 

When can I expect my pin to ship? 

  • Please allow 2-6 months for fantasy pin production. If this wait time is too long for you, please wait until the pin is in hand. 

How do I get updates on my pins?

  • Please check our Update page on our website frequently or our update page on Instagram: @disney_kriss_fantasy_updates. If you do not see an update of your pin for a while please feel free to reach us via Instagram. 

What is a Second Chance Presale? 

  • After the first round of presale, if there are a lot of people who were still hoping to grab the pin we open up 10-15 more spots for a second chance presale. This price is typical $10 higher to be fair to those who were able to grab it in the initial presale. 

How do I pay?

  • Payments for presale are done only through our shop and through PayPal. At this moment, you must have PayPal to purchase. 

When is your Disney_Kriss Fantasy Shop Open? ​

  • Our fantasy pin shop does not have a set schedule. To be notified of the shop openings please subscribe to our email list below AND follow us @disney_kirss on Instagram. 

What do I do if I have moved and am still waiting for the presale?

  • Moving? No worries! Message us anytime on Instagram and we can change the shipping information for any purchase at any time. If you have forgotten, we always send out a tracking email the night before we ship. Just reach out when you get that email and we can get the address changed. 

What is your grading policy? ​

  • Before we dive in, grading is subjective and if at any time you are not satisfied with your purchase due to grading please do not hesitate to message us for a return and full refund (Contacting via Instagram is the fastest response). Fantasy pins are meant to spark joy and we never want you to have a pin that doesn't do just that. So if you don't like it - Marie Kondo it ;) 

  • Grade A: This will be the best from each individual run and free of all major flaws. Major flaws include but are not limited to missing enamel, large scratches, large dips, pinpricks, enamel spillage, and missing screen print. However, these pins may still include little factory imperfections including small scratches visible under phone magnification and light but are not large or distracting enough to take away from the overall look of the pin. Please remember these pins are all made by hand and no two pins are exactly alike. 

  • Grade B: These will have minimal imperfections with the curve of the entire run.  Some of these may include but are not limited to scratches, dips in enamel, pinpricks, small metal defect, specs of color, color ripples, scuffs, and small print or enamel defects. 

  • Grade C: These pins will include some imperfections listed for the B grades just on a larger scale, but would still not be considered a flawed pin. 

  • Flawed pins we do not sell. We consider a flawed pin to have missing enamel, major flaws to the face, large portions of missing screen print, major dents and scratches that distract from the overall pin, etc. Note- we do not count metal imperfections on the sides or backs of the pins to be any type of flaws. Also, there are lines that can be visible when the pin is tipped to the side, magnified with a phone, and given direct light. These are a natural part of the manufacturing process and we do not consider this a flaw or imperfection. If you have received a pin with any of these listed flaws, you have received it by mistake- please contact us ASAP to get this resolved. 

What is your disney_kriss fantasy pins refund/return policy? 

  • Refund: At any point during the production process you are welcome to a refund. 

  • Return: If you ever receive a pin that you feel was not graded correctly or you simply do not like it once you have it in hand you are welcome to a full refund upon return. 

  • Please Note: Refunds and Returns do not reflect negatively on you and you are welcome to return at any time for future presales. 

What happens if I got a flawed pin in the mail, but it was a presale? Wasn't I supposed to get an A Grade? 

  • 100% yes! If you had a presale you should be receiving an A Grade. If this ever happens we are truly sorry as it was a mistake. Please contact us ASAP to let us know and we will get that pin switched out for you. 

  • Please note, we ask that you do this within the first 4-7 days of receiving your pins to ensure this pin has not entered the shop. 

If I have a question or issue with my order, how do I get ahold of you? 

  • Please dm on on Instagram at @disney_kriss if you have any questions regarding your Disney_Kriss Fantasy Pin purchase or presale. 

Still have questions? Dm us on Instagram at @disney_kriss

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