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What's this? There are some new guests in the mansion!


"Haunted Mansion Holiday Home"


Sticker Details:

3.00" x 2.90" (Largest measurement in both directions)

Vinyl Printed Stickers

This sticker has a white background and is not clear. 

*Colors from pictures may vary based on light. 



You may choose from Matte, Waterproof-Matte or Waterproof-Gloss.

Matte:This will be best suited for inside of Notepads, Scrapbooks,Bullet Journals and other paper crafts. Not suited for the elements. 

Waterproof-Matte: This has a Matte finish and is water/weather proof. 

Waterproof-Gloss: This has a Gloss finish and is water/weather proof. 

*Both Waterproof Variants can be removed with little to no residue, any residue can be easily removed with hand sanitizer or rubbing alcohol.




* Please do not put in dishwasher, or vinyl might warp. 

* Not recommended for use on cars. These have not been tested for the elements. 

Haunted Mansion Holiday Home Sticker

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