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Embark on a captivating voyage with the Vanessa Pirate pin! This enchanting creation portrays Vanessa, the spellbinding alter ego of the sea witch Ursula, in her formidable pirate form. Adorned with pearlescent, translucent, and screen-printed details, this pin radiates an irresistible allure. Vanessa's flowing hair shimmers with an iridescent brilliance, surrounded by translucent tentacles and swirling ocean currents that evoke her aquatic origins. With a mesmerizing gaze and a hint of mischief in her smile, Vanessa's enigmatic charm is brought to life with meticulous screen-printed precision. Hoisting her Jolly Roger, adorned with a seductive and treacherous twist, this pin seamlessly blends the worlds of fantasy and piracy into a must-have design for Disney collectors seeking an extraordinary adventure. Prepare to be enchanted as you embark on a thrilling journey into the realm of Disney magic like never before!

Pin Details:

3.5”, 3mm, LE 75

Features Translucent, Pearlescent, Metal, and screen-printed details.


Overselling Warning:

There are a limited amount of pins available and the system can glitch if too many people are trying to purchase at one time. It can have up to a three-second delay from the time the pin has sold out to no longer allowing purchases. If this happens and your purchase falls in that gap we will refund you in full. Thank you in advance for your understanding.


Grading Details:

Before we dive in, grading is subjective and if at any time you are not satisfied with your purchase due to grading please do not hesitate to message us for a return and full refund (Contacting via Instagram is the fastest response). Fantasy pins are meant to spark joy and we never want you to have a pin that doesn't do just that. So if you don't like it - Marie Kondo it ;)


Grade A: This will be the best from each individual run and free of all major flaws. Major flaws include but are not limited to missing enamel, large scratches, large dips, pinpricks, enamel spillage, and missing screen print. However, these pins may still include little factory imperfections including small scratches visible under phone magnification and light but are not large or distracting enough to take away from the overall look of the pin. Please remember these pins are all made by hand and no two pins are exactly alike.


Grade B: These will have minimal imperfections with the curve of the entire run. Some of these may include but are not limited to scratches, dips in enamel, pinpricks, small metal defect, specs of color, color ripple, scuffs, small print, or enamel defects.


Grade C: These pins will include some imperfections listed for the B grades just on a larger scale, but would still not be considered a flawed pin. Flawed pins we do not sell. We consider a flawed pin to have missing enamel, major flaws to the face, large portions of missing screen print, major dent and scratches that distract from the overall pin, etc.


Note- We do not count metal imperfections on the sides or backs of the pins to be any type of flaws. Also, some lines can be visible when the pin is tipped to the side, magnified with a phone, and given direct light. These are a natural part of the manufacturing process and we do not consider this a flaw or imperfection.

Vanessa Villain Pirate

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